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Child Performers Coalition was priviledged to receive guidance and support from the definitive leader in child performer advocacy ~ BizParentz Foundation.

BizParentz Foundation is the largest national non-profit corporation providing education, advocacy, and charitable support to parents and children engaged in the entertainment industry. Founded in 2004, the organization promotes a positive public image regarding child performers and educates the public regarding the safety and rights of child performers including child labor laws and regulations.

BizParentz is a collaborative, volunteer effort of parents, government, and industry organizations and is the only organization with a national scope that includes union and non-union members.

BizParentz speaks for over 5000 families and has the experience of actually working on sets and in theatres every day.

BizParentz has sponsored and/or assisted legislators in the drafting of child performer legislation in California, Louisiana, Florida and New Mexico.

We are asked to assist legislators so often that we wrote a publicly accessible article on our website to provide lawmakers with a template for how to structure a child performer law.


Excerpt from BizParentz Position Statement:

“We once again encourage the DOL to read this article as it contains specific language and could have prevented many of the problems we are seeing in the current proposed NY Rules.

The co-founders of our organization have offered to assist your department in the past, all the way back to 2003 when the Child Performer Education and Trust Act was in the process of being drafted.

We knew then that there were things that needed adjusting. We were advised that details missing from the law at that time would be created at a later date, and we looked forward to further amendments. We are shocked to find that 7 years later, Rules are being proposed that would not simply clarify the legislation, but would drastically change the face of the industry for young performers in New York.

After the Rules were published in the Register, BizParentz began to work closely with Child Performers Coalition ( We fully support the Child Performers Coalition as the authoritative local voice about this issue. We jointly sponsored a petition about the Rules and that petition boasts more than 700 signatures today. We encourage the DOL to read the comments left by the signers there as they reflect the voices of the workers you are attempted to ”protect”. In addition, we strongly encourage you to read the legal briefs at the CPC website, which address most parent concerns.”

We encourage you to read their Position Statement in its entirety.  Click Here for BizParentz Position Statement

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